Y volvi a escribir

By Vivianne Serendipia

Y cuando me vio y se acercó, 

sentí el calor de su piel, 

el perfume de sus palabras, 

la densidad en sus caricias, 

el sonido de su belleza, 

lo brillante de su mirada.

Suave como un canto

de media tarde, por la 

brisa entre agua salada 

crecientes olas sabor naranja

Un poco verde para mi gusto

me atrean los enigmas fuertes

como robles o tan toxicos 

como las acacias africanas. 


Once upon a time

By Vivianne Serendipia

Hay un cuento
Que contaban las abuelas
Que te puedo contar
Para que puedas dormir
donde la maldad se paga

Las lágrimas saladas
Mojaban mis mejillas
Los sueños que morian
Te siento en ese beso

Te siento en las ausencias
Te siento en los escombros
Que me lleno de pena
Te siento en el olvido

Te siento en el recuerdo
Te siento en cada parte
Te siento en todo el cuerpo
No importaran las formas

Ni la piel que te pongas
Ni cuando donde y como
El nombre

El nombre que te nombra…

Porque se que estas cerca
Te siento en carne viva
Me desperte llorando
Y supe que hoy volvias

Como el pájaro y el Sol
Yo te estoy buscando
Como la abeja y la miel
Te estoy llamando

Es diciembre y el jazmín brotando
Está y va perfumando
Este amor que yo sentí
Cuando te vi, ya está asomando

En la espuma te encontré
La noche estaba terminando
Me dijiste: ¿Vos, quién sos?
Te sonreí, te estaba amando

Al minuto yo te sentí
Mi corazón late que late
Y así fue como escapé
Lo que siguió fue mi rescate

Y la vida y la vida se detuvo
Para siempre en tu mirada
Y tus ojos y mis ojos
Me dejaron como hipnotizada

Y de a poco de a poquito nos buscamos
Un lugarcito pequeñito para amarnos
Como la Luna y el mar, así soy yo
Como la espuma y la sal, así soy yo

No me importa si es que tú no sabes
Ver quien te está amando
No me importa porque yo ya sé muy bien
Que está pasando, ese día llegará

Te sabrán a Sol mis besos
El perfume de mi piel
Tendrá el olor del arbol
de la tierra a medio mojar

Y las flores se abrirán
Y se terminará tu invierno
Nuestro amor abra creciendo

once upon a time
me trajo un día el viento
me enseña a reír
da ganas de vivir
Donde las hadas existen
Y no hay corazones tristes
Y en abril surcan flores de colores mi jardín
Surcan flores de colores mi jardín

The color of your heartBy Vivianne Serendipia.8/20/22

Shapes won’t matter
Not even the skin you wear
Nor when, where, and how?
The name that names you

Like the bird goes to the Sun,
so I am, I am looking for you
Like the bee and the honey,
so I was, I’m calling you

In the foam of the ocean,
I found your soul reflecting
the night was ending
in a second, life stopped
forever in your energy

the wind brought me one day
it taught me how to laugh
when dreams are the illusion
letting spring appear again

I felt like you didn’t come back
sensing you in that kiss,
in the absences, in the rubble
in oblivion, inside my memory

Shapes won’t matter
Not even the skin you wear
Nor when, where and how?
The name that names you

I know you’re close
I feel you raw,
knowing your back

A tiny little place of vulnerability
Like foam and salted breeze
and flowers feel safe to open
And so life goes away, goes away

I felt you in that kiss,
in the absences, in the rubble
in oblivion, inside my memory
that fills me with sorrow

I feel you in oblivion
I felt you in the memory
I felt you everywhere
I felt you in my whole body

I know you’re close
I feel you raw,
knowing your back.


by Vivianne Serendipia

Sarcasm is prohibited,
one would normally
walk down the street
Ashamed of its be=ingΩΩΩ

Kindness, respect, social harmony
Generating waste and discomfort
human beings need sarcasm
to get rid of distress

unresolved impulses that
if they were not channeled
the expression might push to violence
a destructive impulse covered.

If sarcasm were prohibited,
one would normally walk down
irony is a case of split insides.
What a ridiculous voice,

Absurd but no message to produce


By Vivianne Serendipia

Consommé: Made from clarified stock or bone broth. It becomes a crystal clear liquid that can be served on its own or with additional meats and vegetables.

Consommé has been around since the Middle Ages, taking on many forms from drinking liquid and soups to gelatinous desserts sweetened with fruits.

This type of consommé is essentially where modern-day gelatin-based originated. Helps for people with terminal diseases. It helps to give nutrients that usually their body rejects after medical procedures.


Roasted tomatoes, onions or shallots, garlic, celery and carrots.

Herbs and spices of preferences

Narrow bones or preserved vegetables

One part of ingredients for three parts of water.

Slow cooking for one to three hours

Writing to steal so you can appear to be cool

By Vivianne Serendipia

On a hungover night
in the middle of between
Notice that by the navel
Begging to deflate and wrinkle

Like a parchment paper
And become a state
to the gaseous state
And after the metamorphosis
Feeling much better

Dark gray air with a lot of pollution
The case sense was city air
Although it is not the healthiest
Human beings prefer

Dreamed for a moment i was
fire, air, earth, and water
No definite shape or color
Very aware even in this situation

Decided to be consistent
with my new dimension
And try to do tai chi
Sorry the one who sleeps next to me

Without going into details
I know how to do better things
But that does not satisfy me
I became a natural disaster

I’m sorry for my gal
the crystal carries me
escaping the unlucky
do not miss the last day

People migration is natural

by Vivianne Serendipia

We distribute a number of sources into the world. We then start any nations, primary resources as seeds of where we come. The growth steps of these information crash and become controlled.


  • Find all sources within a field of vision. Varying the perspective of vision will yield very different results; greater results in a self sensorial way.
  • Calculate the centre of the sources in perspective (SIP) (personally dislike acronyms for the ambiguity the bring in so many branches of work).
  • Take a step towards the centre.
  • Terminate territory has collided with an existing disruption, or if there are no sources in the SIP.

Controlling the nations of the world, cant be need if to add new expansion of thinking is put to place. The strategy used in the way where we respect the right of others to be in peace within ourselves.

Weed rush 2022

By Vivianne Serendipia

The California Gold Rush (1848–1855) was a gold rush that began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California. The news of gold brought approximately 300,000 people to California from the rest of the United States and abroad. The History repeats itself in different human necessities and what they value.