Y volvi a escribir

By Vivianne Serendipia

Y cuando me vio y se acercó, 

sentí el calor de su piel, 

el perfume de sus palabras, 

la densidad en sus caricias, 

el sonido de su belleza, 

lo brillante de su mirada.

Suave como un canto

de media tarde, por la 

brisa entre agua salada 

crecientes olas sabor naranja

Un poco verde para mi gusto

me atrean los enigmas fuertes

como robles o tan toxicos 

como las acacias africanas. 


This is not a Tumblr paragraph.

By Viviannek Serendipia

When I am depressed, I am not functional.
I collapse and am unable to leave the fetal position
I can’t cross-eye contact with people
After several afternoons on the side,
I put my bare feet on the ground
and I remember that I have a have some talent for arts
I turn it on the computer
I’m still living!
Blessed the sky, the ocean, and the ground.
There is nothing like being naked in my room
What will my neighbors think?
I do not care.
Don’t care it all
And now that?
My brain is parched too many pointless tasks.
I review the sketches I make before I sleep.
I like this one, but it’s complex, not today.
Something simpler.
There is nothing simple here.
Something repeated, it doesn’t mean anything.
I don’t have to innovate today.
I work on whatever and open some tools.
You see? Better.
If doing art had a smell, it would smell like the house I grew up in.
How nice it is to see my colleagues enjoying their craft.
It is different each time, but I recognize it.
I know my soul has an odor, but I can’t smell it.
A shame
How many defects.
But I can remove them.
One by one, by hand, there is no rush.
It is becoming more and more pleasant to feel lighter
I no longer remember which parts were habit
and which parts I made up.
But the result is me.
It is more mine than my body.
Almost done.
I force the symmetry and then break it a little bit.
Like when I leave all my things perfectly lined up on the table,
then take one out.
It looks off, just for fun.
I have created something.
It does not matter if it is repeated.
It does not matter if looks pretty.
I’m already less sad.
Or will it affect individualism?

Little but certain

Intentions are defined but uncertain

challenges, frustrations, and failures

Feeling the drive to committee on a purpose

none failures will stop me or defeat me

Many obstacles I had overcome 

but the help me echoes

are crystal clear on gods eyes

to be here nowadays is a bless

Coming from a place of tic tac toe

rather than scarcity or guild

always learning by fact and experience 

Playing the longer game for quite a bit

A bigger framework of possibilities

Freedom to fulfill expectations

embracing overwhelm and stuck feelings

starring on personal values and desires 

I’m not willing to compare my path

comparing would stop my track

something inside drives me mad

despite setbacks and roadblocks times

Don’t lie to yourself anymore

to feel like the smartest on the room

that’s just a trick of ego talk

feel your skin and enjoy the growth.

Clear, clever, specific, assertive,

stubborn, wild, chaotic, shy

time will pass except the people 

the signs and life would turn into ether