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People migration is natural

by Vivianne Serendipia

We distribute a number of sources into the world. We then start any nations, primary resources as seeds of where we come. The growth steps of these information crash and become controlled.


  • Find all sources within a field of vision. Varying the perspective of vision will yield very different results; greater results in a self sensorial way.
  • Calculate the centre of the sources in perspective (SIP) (personally dislike acronyms for the ambiguity the bring in so many branches of work).
  • Take a step towards the centre.
  • Terminate territory has collided with an existing disruption, or if there are no sources in the SIP.

Controlling the nations of the world, cant be need if to add new expansion of thinking is put to place. The strategy used in the way where we respect the right of others to be in peace within ourselves.


by Viviannek Serendipia

People tend to introduce in a clue
and the hectic timelines they’re into
the world becoming a bit surrealistic
An indulgence of all the stimulants

A desire inside a tedious momentum
with no sense of grief or unity
a viewpoint blocking discrepancies
despairing overwhelming intimacy

People talking to plant their seed
after so many thoughts of so many words
Navigating the world, living
a free soul with so many things that hurts

With courage facing a thousand battles,
Wounded by an arrow that still bleeds me
I have been a guide, a ballast, a shelter
I’ve walked the streets determine

Good childhood and long-lived parents
Believing in the weight of my actions
Ups and downs, I get it, I’m living
I’m going outside when time stops

Turning off the lights and looking inside
Crying and smiling, living my timeline
Woven gardens where once there was stone
drowned in my fog, between oversaturated

I have slept in corners and manoirs
I’ve drawn the world like deciphering combinations
Succumbing to temptations and mirages
A zultanite, changing colors to find an answer

Emotional of seeing the wondrous creation in all things
I have suffered from depression, and panic attacks
I’ve seen people die and die on my own, in a coma
Opened dimensionalities that should not be open

Had suffered desire just like a slow death
For perfection, I did crazy things,
but for love, I did many more
Enjoying the pleasures, accepting life

I distanced myself for them to survive
Cried my rage and autodestruction came
One half so still, the other half running
Split into two halves, a Jin & Jang mind