By Vivianne Serendipia

Enter existence with good grace
voluntarily and freely remain calm

Substances are part of consciousness.
is empty, uncreated, and unceasing
my mind rests in an uncreated state
like the rain falling in water

Natural unmodified clear and vibrant
relaxed, uncreated state of mind
time to get back to the level of existence
Pre-monitory signs recognizing each other

Avoid the ugly and dark
If you return in panic, a fearful state will follow.
If you strive to escape the dark unhappy state will follow.
If you come back in radiance, a happy state will follow.



By Vivianne Serendipia

Sarcasm is prohibited,
one would normally
walk down the street
Ashamed of its be=ingΩΩΩ

Kindness, respect, social harmony
Generating waste and discomfort
human beings need sarcasm
to get rid of distress

unresolved impulses that
if they were not channeled
the expression might push to violence
a destructive impulse covered.

If sarcasm were prohibited,
one would normally walk down
irony is a case of split insides.
What a ridiculous voice,

Absurd but no message to produce

Life brings artists at the most inconvenient times.

By Vivianne Serendipia

Big imagination with emotions of inadequacy, lost in authenticity, made over the years of absorbing others egos.
Emerging concepts that align nonsense sentences. We are not understood but admired instead, being perceived with sharp lines and bold colors. We get clever flattery comments along the way from those that have a self-identification craving.
The big majority have similar desires but different beliefs. The rest dived between interest or repulsion towards our creation and self-preservation.
Big successes, low days, reincarnating our souls, living past lives. We shape in a variety of forms, practical and fun, emotional and confrontational.
Multidimensional insights that are born and die make us heavy in energy to be later released to decompress the human soul. Frivolity appears once in a while because of the inevitable influence of our surroundings and media.
The instinct of our devotion and being but look up to the eyes of the rest.
Fanaticism, obsession, consumption, and feel loved. We adopt little attitudes that associate with a type of life, friends, and partners…
We nurture extreme sensibility with techniques in our field that move us sensorially. We use our bodies to shape a safety net for the ones that come after us.
Exploring violence, distress, injustice hidden in the bias of our society. We appear friendly and calm, giving to little of us in this trait to the surface of society.

Women sense

Modesty must be cultivated equally
it will forever remain as a house plant,
while affectation and leaf were borrowed
lasciviousness conceive voluptuous pleasures.

guild came from contaminating the mind
an innocent by instilling in it a false delicacy
Premature precautions towards the other sex
I am inclined to prevent acquiring unpleasantly

Health and beauty ablutions to frequent,
dignify of my picky ear, rank that requires help
should never be done has been completed
Insult to the majesty of the human creature.

Embracing immodest habits,
Learned many nasty pranks
mixing us together
indiscriminately / inappropriate.

Ideas appeared

by Vivianne Serendipia

Centralized power desire’s to own,

raise and blur on the next day

lose time in a non-ending spiral

visually loop circles in the distance

but sn organic pattern if look up close.

An index to change, 

an incentive of a loose light,

the point, the exits.


Same people over an over

different name, age and day

eyes that ground me on LA,

place that exudes beautiful madness.

With 1 and 1000 narratives

attach live inside crystalline dreams 

Blinking blurry titles

reminding me life time spam.

Once upon I create myself 

something less harmful than the true

a tolerable existence on an invisible city

When utopias and ideas can liberate



By Vivianne Serendipia

Around 9 pm kitchen close of the wine bar
doing the rudimentary sides of the job
for some tedious & for routine to close

for some destinations of going to their loved
half-naked with a fresh brew
looking for cuddles & having sex
maybe not the usual but something to experiment

for other the unpleasant time in life
when some of us act like the night was day
preaching that stranger would not be around

Is to teens the most pleasant route?
painting each other in kisses in sublime attraction
fulfillment and intangible desire between them

and some addicts may kill a man in the street
carmine-red bleeding at sunrise
new shifts, new faces, last words,
riped souls fixed with tape
repetitive events in imaginary loops
and I can’t still find you…

It may be a 75% percent chance that the place you work will start with your first name letter- ‘Most idiot reasoning I hear in my whole life- random conversation in the Metro ligero Azul Santa Monica – DTLA

This is not a Tumblr paragraph.

By Viviannek Serendipia

When I am depressed, I am not functional.
I collapse and am unable to leave the fetal position
I can’t cross-eye contact with people
After several afternoons on the side,
I put my bare feet on the ground
and I remember that I have a have some talent for arts
I turn it on the computer
I’m still living!
Blessed the sky, the ocean, and the ground.
There is nothing like being naked in my room
What will my neighbors think?
I do not care.
Don’t care it all
And now that?
My brain is parched too many pointless tasks.
I review the sketches I make before I sleep.
I like this one, but it’s complex, not today.
Something simpler.
There is nothing simple here.
Something repeated, it doesn’t mean anything.
I don’t have to innovate today.
I work on whatever and open some tools.
You see? Better.
If doing art had a smell, it would smell like the house I grew up in.
How nice it is to see my colleagues enjoying their craft.
It is different each time, but I recognize it.
I know my soul has an odor, but I can’t smell it.
A shame
How many defects.
But I can remove them.
One by one, by hand, there is no rush.
It is becoming more and more pleasant to feel lighter
I no longer remember which parts were habit
and which parts I made up.
But the result is me.
It is more mine than my body.
Almost done.
I force the symmetry and then break it a little bit.
Like when I leave all my things perfectly lined up on the table,
then take one out.
It looks off, just for fun.
I have created something.
It does not matter if it is repeated.
It does not matter if looks pretty.
I’m already less sad.
Or will it affect individualism?