Access with an apparent absence of cause or design. However, it takes into account the probability of the event (the ratio and predictability of what is happening to its not happening). Access focuses mainly on hard math and probability rather than the inner state or the external event, and it does not emphasize meaningful experiences.



Grace can be defined as an unearned blessing, something that is given freely. Chance encounters may be counted as grace, but the keyword here is unearned. Many people blur the boundaries of what’s synchronistic and grace, which like miracles and divine interventions, have a religious or spiritual context.


Synchronicity is a meaningful and causal connecting principle, where nature and psyche are connecting at a unique point in time and space in a seemingly in surrealism. Viewed as having a spiritual dimension something called a miracle, destiny, or divine intervention are ways of describing it. As it defies all logic and probability, and produce something surprising or against all common acceptance.

Tools and books that accompanied me.

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Tech in Entertainment:

Applying semantics on arts.

By Vivianne Serendipia.

February 10, 2021.

Semantics and self-expression in arts are interconnected in synchronicity, chance, coincidence, serendipity, and grace. These alignments of time and projections are defined in comparison with Synchronicity, an obsession of Walt Disney the evokes in his now legacy over decades.

Tedious but necessary skills are fundamental to creating our ideas within modules of static and dynamic symmetry. In art, the control of reason means the rule of balance between order and chaos. Instinct and feeling must be directed by knowledge and judgment without mental control, instinct, or feeling compels the artist to follow can turn into a slave or a master of its creation. Can direct their artistic fate only by learning organic and the tool of human creations to go directly to their desire projection.