Life brings artists at the most inconvenient times.

By Vivianne Serendipia

Big imagination with emotions of inadequacy, lost in authenticity, made over the years of absorbing others egos.
Emerging concepts that align nonsense sentences. We are not understood but admired instead, being perceived with sharp lines and bold colors. We get clever flattery comments along the way from those that have a self-identification craving.
The big majority have similar desires but different beliefs. The rest dived between interest or repulsion towards our creation and self-preservation.
Big successes, low days, reincarnating our souls, living past lives. We shape in a variety of forms, practical and fun, emotional and confrontational.
Multidimensional insights that are born and die make us heavy in energy to be later released to decompress the human soul. Frivolity appears once in a while because of the inevitable influence of our surroundings and media.
The instinct of our devotion and being but look up to the eyes of the rest.
Fanaticism, obsession, consumption, and feel loved. We adopt little attitudes that associate with a type of life, friends, and partners…
We nurture extreme sensibility with techniques in our field that move us sensorially. We use our bodies to shape a safety net for the ones that come after us.
Exploring violence, distress, injustice hidden in the bias of our society. We appear friendly and calm, giving to little of us in this trait to the surface of society.


Understanding America

By Vivianne Serendipia



  • logic
  • sequencing
  • linear thinking
  • mathematics
  • facts
  • thinking in words


  • Imagination
  • Holistic thinking
  • Intuition
  • Arts
  • Rhythm
  • Nonverbal cues
  • feelings visualization
  • Daydreaming


Parties and ideologies are not inclined to the same milestones.


  • Individual Freedom. 
  • Limited Government. 
  • The Rule of Law. 
  • Peace through Strength. 
  • Fiscal Responsibility. 
  • Free Markets.
  • Human Dignity.


  • Public Ownership.
  • Planned Economy.
  • The state is responsible for the necessities of life.
  • Equal Opportunity for all
  • Non-existence of competition and limited choice of consumer products.
  • Pricing Mechanism.
  • Equal rights, respect, and dignity

Words used in-text regarding ideologies and political affiliation

Political movements, economics, and policies. A government that is characterized by equality, fraternity, progress, reform, authority, hierarchy, tradition, and nationalism.


Influenced romantic nationalism where the state derives its legitimacy from the culture it governs, including, language, race, and custom “born” within this culture also based on social equality, popular sovereignty, and national determination. It associates itself closely with national liberation movements.

Believe that secularism religion will be inside a system of expansion. 

Theory of color






























Dignity grandeur 















Seeking knowledge


looking for explanations and answers


looking for facts  

asking lots of questions








They need fun 





energy and bounce around to different projects or tasks.

Viv gemstone- zultanite

Delicate color saturation, 

Durability and scintillation (play of light)

It lies in its different colors


natural relationship with the earth

psychic power 

astral force




emotions based on intellect and touch

Zultanite’s mineral name “Diaspore”, comes from the Greek word “diaspora” meaning “to scatter(compromise, cater, meet halfway, supply, provide, cater, stock, provision, furnish, cater, purvey, rig out ”. While Diaspore was first discovered in 1801 in Mramorskoi, Kossoibrod, Ural Mountains, Russia, the Turkish deposit remains the world’s only source of Zultanite.

By their very definition, all gemstones are rare (to be classed as a gem, a mineral or organic material used for personal adornment must be rare, beautiful, and durable), but like many things, rarity is relative. Apart from their color change and discovery in remote lands (Alexandrite was discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in 1834), Alexandrite and Zultanite’s names both have royal connections, Zultanite being named in honor of Ottoman sultans and Alexandrite being named for a Russian tsar, but which is rarer? While comparative rarity is always difficult to gauge, in terms of natural occurrence, Zultanite is far rarer. Zultanite is only mined in one country, while Alexandrite is currently mined in seven.

Although it was initially collected by mineral enthusiasts and independent miners in the mid-eighties, Zultanite is now mined commercially. Mined by hand with chisels and pick-axes in Turkey’s Anatolian Mountains (Milas county of Muğla) at a height of over 4,000 feet, the world’s only Zultanite deposit is 7 miles away from the nearest village of Selimiye. But its rarity isn’t just dictated by its natural scarcity and remoteness, Zultanite tests the skills of even experienced cutters due to the difficulty in correctly orientating each crystal to accentuate its inherent color change. With up to 98% of the crystal lost during cutting, its unbelievably low yield (2%) reinforces the exclusivity of this truly beautiful gemstone and is one of the reasons Zultanite is so rare, especially in sizes over 5 carats.

Brilliant, mesmerizing, and fashionable, phenomenal Zultanite is a rare star in fine jewelry design, deserving pride of place in every serious jewelry collection.

Anti ARTIFICIAL OR Pro artificial


  • AI Bias. Since AI algorithms are built by humans, they can have built-in bias by those who either intentionally or inadvertently introduce them into the algorithm. …
  • Loss of Certain Jobs. …
  • A shift in Human Experience. …
  • Global Regulations. …
  • Accelerated Hacking. …
  • AI Terrorism.


  • Diminishes Human Error. …
  • Facilitates Faster Decision-Making. …
  • Offers Continual 24/7 Availability. …
  • Lessens Risk. …
  • Automates Repetition. …
  • Provides Digital Assistants. …
  • Identifies Patterns. …
  • Identifies Better Human Workflows.
  • AI Bias. Since AI algorithms are built by humans, they can have built-in bias by those who either intentionally or inadvertently introduce them into the algorithm. …
  • An intuitive theory of psychology features observable concepts, such as actions and unobservables, such as mental states. Similarly, an intuitive theory of physics postulates unobservable concepts, such as forces to explain the interaction of Page 4 INTUITIVE THEORIES 4 observable objects (Wolff, this volume).

Every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it. An attempt will be made to find how to make machines use language, form abstractions, and concepts, solve kinds of problems now reserved for humans and improve themselves.

So was my drive…

Sensorial fullfilment



Life overall

Used my knowledge and skills

Countries and places look like organs btw

Weed rush 2022

By Vivianne Serendipia

The California Gold Rush (1848–1855) was a gold rush that began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California. The news of gold brought approximately 300,000 people to California from the rest of the United States and abroad. The History repeats itself in different human necessities and what they value.

Today’s drugs

by Vivianne Serendipia

Beauty is unbearable
Visibility unnecessary
it drives us to madness
offering a bite of eternity

one that would obsessively
that would like to perpetuate
that one too stands for all
making us feel “nice”

Like in need of nourishment
in terms of engagement
I’m in a run > flaws …..
hoping all goes good after all.

For some time I talked to a friend, he told me that when he walked with a woman on the street he felt more insecure, because couples are easy to steal. How that can be when we walk alone we pray that if someone attacks us is to rob us and not to rape or murder us.

Don’t congratulate us acknowledging your privileges. because being happy is going to be the day we can walk alone down the street with the same security as you a Utopia (my parents dream) is that any women wasn’t misjudge, put down, misrepresent, ignore when real thing happen to her.

Happy women’s day.

Stop using excuses to make more of yourself, bringing gifs, basic phrases, fake support. Pull yourself together.


By Vivianne Serendipia

Around 9 pm kitchen close of the wine bar
doing the rudimentary sides of the job
for some tedious & for routine to close

for some destinations of going to their loved
half-naked with a fresh brew
looking for cuddles & having sex
maybe not the usual but something to experiment

for other the unpleasant time in life
when some of us act like the night was day
preaching that stranger would not be around

Is to teens the most pleasant route?
painting each other in kisses in sublime attraction
fulfillment and intangible desire between them

and some addicts may kill a man in the street
carmine-red bleeding at sunrise
new shifts, new faces, last words,
riped souls fixed with tape
repetitive events in imaginary loops
and I can’t still find you…

It may be a 75% percent chance that the place you work will start with your first name letter- ‘Most idiot reasoning I hear in my whole life- random conversation in the Metro ligero Azul Santa Monica – DTLA

Applying semantics on arts.

By Vivianne Serendipia.

February 10, 2021.

Semantics and self-expression in arts are interconnected in synchronicity, chance, coincidence, serendipity, and grace. These alignments of time and projections are defined in comparison with Synchronicity, an obsession of Walt Disney the evokes in his now legacy over decades.

Tedious but necessary skills are fundamental to creating our ideas within modules of static and dynamic symmetry. In art, the control of reason means the rule of balance between order and chaos. Instinct and feeling must be directed by knowledge and judgment without mental control, instinct, or feeling compels the artist to follow can turn into a slave or a master of its creation. Can direct their artistic fate only by learning organic and the tool of human creations to go directly to their desire projection.