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Y volvi a escribir

By Vivianne Serendipia

Y cuando me vio y se acercó, 

sentí el calor de su piel, 

el perfume de sus palabras, 

la densidad en sus caricias, 

el sonido de su belleza, 

lo brillante de su mirada.

Suave como un canto

de media tarde, por la 

brisa entre agua salada 

crecientes olas sabor naranja

Un poco verde para mi gusto

me atrean los enigmas fuertes

como robles o tan toxicos 

como las acacias africanas. 

People migration is natural

by Vivianne Serendipia

We distribute a number of sources into the world. We then start any nations, primary resources as seeds of where we come. The growth steps of these information crash and become controlled.


  • Find all sources within a field of vision. Varying the perspective of vision will yield very different results; greater results in a self sensorial way.
  • Calculate the centre of the sources in perspective (SIP) (personally dislike acronyms for the ambiguity the bring in so many branches of work).
  • Take a step towards the centre.
  • Terminate territory has collided with an existing disruption, or if there are no sources in the SIP.

Controlling the nations of the world, cant be need if to add new expansion of thinking is put to place. The strategy used in the way where we respect the right of others to be in peace within ourselves.

Weed rush 2022

By Vivianne Serendipia

The California Gold Rush (1848–1855) was a gold rush that began on January 24, 1848, when gold was found by James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma, California. The news of gold brought approximately 300,000 people to California from the rest of the United States and abroad. The History repeats itself in different human necessities and what they value.

Today’s drugs

by Vivianne Serendipia

Beauty is unbearable
Visibility unnecessary
it drives us to madness
offering a bite of eternity

one that would obsessively
that would like to perpetuate
that one too stands for all
making us feel “nice”

Like in need of nourishment
in terms of engagement
I’m in a run > flaws …..
hoping all goes good after all.

For some time I talked to a friend, he told me that when he walked with a woman on the street he felt more insecure, because couples are easy to steal. How that can be when we walk alone we pray that if someone attacks us is to rob us and not to rape or murder us.

Don’t congratulate us acknowledging your privileges. because being happy is going to be the day we can walk alone down the street with the same security as you a Utopia (my parents dream) is that any women wasn’t misjudge, put down, misrepresent, ignore when real thing happen to her.

Happy women’s day.

Stop using excuses to make more of yourself, bringing gifs, basic phrases, fake support. Pull yourself together.

Women sense

Modesty must be cultivated equally
it will forever remain as a house plant,
while affectation and leaf were borrowed
lasciviousness conceive voluptuous pleasures.

guild came from contaminating the mind
an innocent by instilling in it a false delicacy
Premature precautions towards the other sex
I am inclined to prevent acquiring unpleasantly

Health and beauty ablutions to frequent,
dignify of my picky ear, rank that requires help
should never be done has been completed
Insult to the majesty of the human creature.

Embracing immodest habits,
Learned many nasty pranks
mixing us together
indiscriminately / inappropriate.


By Vivianne K Serendipia

Sensitivity took the creature by surprise
led to madness, to vice, leading reason awakens
the terrible guilt falls deep on the mind.
Relief, afflicted, and desensitize

Guided reason and supported for weakness
A dream of passion, and flowery meadows
Waking up from sleep to face a world
contemptuous and alone in a desert.

Creators, the favorites of the sex,
who respect in appearance,
but in their interior despise the weak
they can’t settle with giving up
the greatest sensual satisfaction
the savoriest of virtue