Insights in expansive times

By Vivianne Serendipia

My job wants me to answer emails as quickly as possible, memorize codes and learn tedious tasks that will be obsolete on the future closer that we can predict. 

The economic system puts pressure on us to expand and grow the economy, but gives me zero incentive to expand and diversify my compassion. So we make an effort to maximize our productivity, when and where to invest, learn more about how to obtain individual success, while spending much less effort to understand the root causes of suffering. In this, we humans resemble other domestic animals. 

We have bred docile cows that produce enormous quantities of milk but are in other respects far inferior to their wild ancestors. They are less agile, less curious, and less skilled.We are now creating meek humans who generate large amounts of data and function as efficient chips in a big data-processing engine. These data-marionettes by no means maximize human potential. In fact, we have no idea what the full human potential is, because we know so little about the human mind. And yet we barely invest in research into the human mind, instead focusing on increasing the speed of our internet connections and the efficiency of our big data algorithms. If we are not careful, we will end up with degraded humans who will misuse improved computers, and that will cause chaos in themselves and in the world. We are researching and developing human abilities primarily for the immediate needs of the economic and political system, ignoring our own long-term needs as organic beings. 

We have little interest in the ability to appreciate the enjoyments like a good meal, good sleep, hobbies and interests. As a result, we check emails even during meals while losing the ability to pay attention to our own sensations. We need a new mindset to help us navigate this new world. With rapid change, rising levels of uncertainty and increasing stress, we must do more than manage our emotions.

We must upgrade our emotional intelligence and learn to create our emotions in advance.

The ability to proactively create our emotions rather than manage them in the moment, is a fundamental skill in an uncertain future. The old-world, slow pace of change gave us the illusion of certainty and stability. That world no longer exists. There is a wisdom to uncertainty that makes life interesting. If our future was predetermined, our life would be immensely boring and unfulfilling, but too much uncertainty can lead to high levels of stress and anxiety. 

There must be a balance, a wisdom to uncertainty that makes life interesting. Your emotions are a mental habit. Mental habits, in contrast to physical, do not rest. If you are not proactive, they have the potential to drag you down and push you away, at least temporarily.There are three steps to creating emotions: mental focus, internal dialogue and physiology.

There is one certainty that we now know the certainty of our death. 

An expansive mind will help navigate this in a healthy way.  

Transformative change is not a linear process; it requires targeting points emphasizing a resonant relationship with a person you personally look up to, like a teacher, coach, boss, family member, friend or political leader. They have plagued humanity since we organized ourselves into civilizations. Once, we had an emotion that helped us survive became now a bug that kept us from elevating our lives.

Assimilate information effectively and rapidly. Be aware of and able to navigate this rapid growth in a healthy, effective and productive way. Identify relevant and reliable sources of information. Relevance determines the context of your mission/vision for life. There is very little time to waste on the multitude of distractions. It could be a challenge in the post-truth era of fake news.

Know when you need an expert. It is impossible to learn everything. You must ask and do your research when choosing an expert and when to defer to them.

Intentional transformation in technology looks to help us identify and bypass this bug to upgrade our operating system and adapt to our present times. Expansion mindset is the new level of thinking necessary for a new era of humanity. We are in an age of transformation. This new story of humanity is accelerating expansion.The expansion mindset looks to transform your inherent negativity bias into a more realistic, optimistic bias. The ultimate goal is to fully understand the true nature of “reality” that could become a bias in the near future.


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